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Planting Hope International is dedicated to providing agricultural support to missions around the world.  We currently support about thirty tractors at orphanages, universities, training centers, camps, food production facilities, and other ministries in eight countries.  We also provide training on measuring grain quality and grain storage procedures to various groups.

Transformation Education, Sierra Leone
Fairfield Children’s Home, Zimbabwe
Hunnington Christian Retreat, Zimbabwe

HIS Servants Ministries, Belize, Central America
Natural Products International, Thailand
Africa University, Zimbabwe (5)
Eden Children’s Village, Zimbabwe (3)
Bump Ministries, Juarez, Mexico
Alpha Children’s Christian Home, Perry, KS
King Solomon Camp, Solomon, KS
Tomashinga Lutheran Christian Camp, Junction City, KS
Spanish American Evangelical Ministry, El Paso, TX
Vida Nueve Ministries, Pedras Negras, Mexico (2)
Castillo Ministries, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Mark Northrup Ministries, Satillo, Mexico
Skills Training Center, Zimbabwe (2)

Gifts for the Nations, Ghana 

The Uganda American Partnership Organization

Laos Harvest Centers (3)